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I wear them everywhere. They are extremely comfortable. Scutes in the summer, Cayman in the winter. I am never without my Crocs.
They are really comfortable and keep my feet clean when I am on the pool deck---exactly what I was looking for
This shoe is very comfortable to wear. It stays on the foot very well, never falling off. It is easy to slip on and to walk in. I enjoy wearing this shoe very much.
I love the fact that Shoebuy.com participates in the Bill Me Later program. Ordering from their site was simple, the shoes arrived within a few days and were exactly as advertised.
They are very comfortable and they look good with casual dresses. My feet never hurt at the end of the day when I wear my Crocs. I love em.
Wears this shoe: I wear them to work, to the mall, to the movies ........
I was hesitant to get Aetrex Walker Sneakers. Now I wear almost nothing else. I have neuromas in both feet, and used to have pain all the time. Now I am simply comfortable and pain free.They are phenomenal, and I would never want to be without them again.
Wears this shoe: Whenever I am not going to a Symphony performance :)
I bought another pair just like I had because I really liked them, and I got them for much less than I paid at a local store.
I have a lot of foot problems(arthritis, bunions and hammer toe). My podiatrist recommended Croc's. I have about 7 pairs now; they are the most comfortable shoes I own. They aren't stylish but certainly are comfortable!

E240 E720 Y540 E251
Aetrex E230 E731 Y500 E820 Shoes

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