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The sandals feel great and almost hug your feet and excellent for outerwear/active and maybe even hiking. The brown pair looks really good and rugged than any other color.Try getting half a size bigger than what yoou would normally wear, I do have wide feet and this sandal seemed like the smallest it could be without me having to exchange it. If you have normal feet, then it should be true to size.
I have been wering these watershoes with no size problems even with socks.I live in Indiana and wear this type of shoe almost all year long except when we have snow. I also stand alot during the day with my job and I feel good at the end of the day. This is A great buy in my opinion, and they look good to!
Wears this shoe: I wear this shoe when ever I can and all day .
Ordered this shoe to take on vacation. Got them next day. Could not believe the quick service. Have worn them three times. Very good fit and very comfortable. There was no break in for the shoe. Just what I wanted.
I bought this shoe as an everyday summer sandal. Wearing this shoe provides plenty of ventilation for my feet, keeps them secure and my toes are covered as well. And the shoes are ready to go for boating. Sierra Sneakers. They really fit the bill.
I was looking for a shoe for an upcoming backpacking to Thailand. I didn't want to pack a sport hiker and walking sandals and this shoe fits the bill for both. I have found the shoe very light, cool & comfortable. I feel that I will get good use out of this shoe while packpacking around Thailand and I may only purchase lite flip flops for the beach while I'm there. It keeps me pack from packing two shoes over as I'll wear these en route. The are very sturdy and have good grip.
Wears this shoe: Nearly all the time while in Thailand and on sunny days here. Aetrex Sierra Runners.
I just used these shoes for a wek on Maui - beach and hiking around thru creeks and bamboo forests to get to waterfalls. Also down lot's of rocks to get to ocean pools. Great traction and lateral support.
My first time wearing sandals. I have owned them for about one month. A very comfortable and lightweight shoe. The outside straps enveloping the foot do not cause bruising and irritation, even when worn bare-footed, due to the straps having interior padding. I like that the straps can be tightened all around the foot by adjusting the cord connecting them. The inside soles are comfortable but if worn for a long time, it is recommended to wear socks, in order to prevent chafing. (The soles of my feet are sensitive).
Great shoe. During a recent 2 week camping trip to the mountains it was the shoe of choice 80% of the time. Worked great during my many raft and tube trips, around camp or light hiking or exploreing. Aetrex Sierra Walkers. Dried quickly. Light weight, and offered protection. I had my doubts at first, The Teva Dozer came through and made me a believer.
An incorrect shoe greatly affects my knees and my back. I'm very pleased with these Teva Dozers. I can wear them all day with no discomfort. I like that my feet are somewhat protected from the elements with the benefit of a sandal.

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