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Aetrex E731 Shoes

Fun bowling shoe inspired sporty casual. leather overlays, full lace up front, underlying footbed.
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I have arch issues and these are the lightest yet most supportive shoes I have found. Not fashion forward but extremely comfortable.
I purchased the Scutes feeling that the soles would be protective. I was not disappointed. I bought a pair for my husband too. He initially said that they wouldn't stay on his feet. I convinced him to just try them on. I now have to convince him to take them off! The shoes mold to your feet giving a custom fit almost as good as barefoot. One problem I have is remembering to change into other shoes. I wear them to my Tai Chi class, konwing I will put on slippers there, but, on several ocassions I have put the Crocs back on after my shower and am halfway to work before I realize I'm still wearing them! Maybe I need a pair of dress Aetrex!
If you have high arches, this shoe is not for you. The band across the top is tight and binds your foot if you have a high arch. Something that wasn't obvious when buying the shoe.
Scutes to me are the most comfortable of all the Crocs, I have owned many pair of the other styles but for me these are just a good rounded toe shoe.
First tried Crocs after a big toe surgery. I had problems with toe healing and Dr. suggested RX (prescription crocs) e721 from Aetrex. I thought they were WAY too big but later learned that feeling too big is a good thing because the toe has healed. There are no pressure points with the crocs. I have other foot problems and have learned to LOVE the COMFORT of these shoes. I work 4 - 5 hr. standing on a concrete floor and when I leave my feet do not hurt!!

E240 E720 Y540 E251
Aetrex E230 E731 Y500 E820 Shoes

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